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    # The rates are effective from 1st Decemmber, 2020 and subject to revision without notice.

    # Precaution will be taken to ensure that competitive advertisements are not published on the same page but no guarantee can be given to this effect nor will any claim be entertained for discounting or make good advertisements in case competitive ads appear on the same or facing page.

    # Publication can not be held responsible for improper digital publishing due to supply of defective material.

    # Material will be digitally published as supplied by the agency / client without any correction at our end except no specific instructions received from agency / client in case to case basis.

    # Release Orders should mention height and width.

    # All advertisements in having height of 40 cm or more will be treated as full height advertisements.

    # Height of advertisements will be assumed as per the order even if it might be higher.

    # Minimum size of an advertisement is 5 cm (H) x 7.5 cm (W) or 7.5 cm (H) x 5 cm (W).

    # The advertiser shall bear full responsibility for the contents of the advertisements and shall indemnify the publisher against any loss or damage suffered due to the publication of the Advertisement.

    # For billing purpose Taxes will be charged extra as applicable.


    # All digital materials are to be sent in EPS/PDF/TIF/JPGE Format. Minimum resolution should be 300 dpi. All the texts to be converted to curve/path before transferring the creation to EPS/PDF format.B&W print or attachment for B&W advertisements and Colour print or attachment for Colour advertisements to be sent along with digital material as reference for completeness and correctness of the digital material. All Black & White Advt. should be in Grey Scale and Colour Advt. in CYMK/RGB mode. Black & White text in Colour advertisements should be in 100% K & not in CYMK

    Free insertions will be published on following days


    # At least 48 hours in advance from date of publication.

    # Publication can not be held responsible for ad-content or image

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